Who is Raissa Kengne? What Happened At Midtown Atlanta Shooting – Images Of Suspect

Who is Raissa Kengne? What Happened At Midtown Atlanta Shooting – Images Of Suspect: Raissa Kengne is accused of killing two people and injuring a third one. Raissa Kengne is recently in the buzzes because she has been denied bail by the Court authorities. Raissa Kengne is currently in police custody in the Fulton County Jail. In today’s article, we will tell you all about her. Stay tuned till the end to know all about her.

Who is Raissa Kengne


Raissa Kengne is currently 34 years old, she is in police custody and has been accused of killing two individuals and injuring a third individual. Raissa’s official LinkedIn account states that she is an IT professional in Atlanta Georgia. She also holds a BA in Accounting and Finance. Her LinkedIn profile also states that she has a master’s in Information systems Audit and control. She completed her masters from Georgia State University Business School. Her LinkedIn profile states that she is a very educated and person and intellectual person, thus it’s very hard to believe that such a highly educated and knowledgeable person can also commit such a brutal Felony.

Who is Raissa Kengne?

Raissa Kengne is the prime suspect of the Midtown Atlanta shooting which happened last week on 22 August. Raissa Kengne is charged with two murders and four counts of aggravated assault. Raissa is also charged with Four counts of possession of a Gun and false imprisonment. The people who lost their lives in this brutal and gruesome shootout are identified as 60 years old property Manager Michael Shinners and 41 years old Wesley Freeman. These both were the unfortunate people who lost their lives in that brutal and gruesome shooting. The third victim of the incident who was injured is currently In ICU and fighting for life.

The third victim has been identified as 68 years old Michael Horne. He is currently in ICU and getting treated. Reports have claimed that Raissa Kengne has targeted in attacked the victims. Raissa lived in a building at 1280 West Peach St. She was living in that apartment for the past five years. According to the reports, all the victims were having trouble with Raissa Kengne. Raissa and all these deceased Victims were having some issues. According to the reports, Raissa complained about Harassment, computer hacking, and persecution. She was having some arguments with all these victims. She stated that she was facing many issues because of them, she even filed a lawsuit against them. The families of the victims are currently in deep pain and devastation. The court proceedings will start soon. While Raissa remains in police custody for now.

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