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Who Is Rajaee Black? Man Killed Himself After Wife And Girlfriend Double Murder Case Explained!


Well, on social media plenty of the news take place daily but some of them seem like a trend where some of them shake people from toe to the forehead. The same thing happened recently in Maryland where a man named Rajaee Black shot his Ex-girlfriend and wife to death and after killing them most tragic thing happened when he killed himself as well. The news recently gathered massive attention across the globe and today the man is grabbing the headlines.

Who Is Rajaee Black? Man Killed Himself After Wife And Girlfriend Double Murder Case Explained!

As per the reports, the Baltimore police got a call on Saturday, however, post reaching the spot cops found 41 years lady who got shot and announced to be dead. Just after the case, police got another call where they got another killing’s details and in the reaction of the same, they reach Howard County after which everyone got shocked that how can an individual attempt this kind of step in his life.

Rajaee Black Double Murder Case Explained

Reports have even said that on Saturday the Suspect even did a Facebook live where he killed his Ex-girlfriend and girlfriend. In the video, you can watch the entire scene taking place and everything happened in just a few seconds. In a live video, the suspect Rajaee Shareef who is grabbing headlines by Rajaee Shareef Black said “Anyway, I just did something crazy, man. I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head”.

Well, you just read that how did he killed the duo but here is the real incident that how did it happen. So, as per the statement stated by the police, Rajaee fatally shot his ex-girlfriend whose name is yet to be revealed but reports have only said that he killed his ex-girlfriend first whom he killed inside her house in South Baltimore. Post than he traveled all the way to Columbia where he pointed his gun towards his Ex-wife and pulled the trigger and killed his ex-wife who was later identified as 42 years old Wendy Natalie Black.

Well, it was not the first time when Rajaee Shareef did something that led him into headlines because there are plenty more cases that have been filed so far against him that you will be shocked to read. As per the reports he had been in custody for a long time and as soon as he stepped out of the jail he did something that brought a hype in his life, however, he has died and killed himself. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.

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