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Who Is Rajendra Balaji? Ex-AIADMK Minister Sent to 15-day Judicial Custody Check Case & Charges


Once again, Madurai (Tamilnadu) is remaining the hot discussion among everyone since former AIADMK Minister Rajendra Balaji is taken into custody for 15-days. He was arrested last night from Karnataka’s Hassan district on plenty of charges especially of misappropriating funds from Aavin, as the news is spreading, a very shocking reaction of the people is coming out because no one was even aware, that he can do such a big scam. Therefore, now further action is being taken by the police as the case has been registered and in these 15 days of interrogation, see what kind of statement will come out.

Ex-AIADMK Minister rajendra

According to the latest reports, approximately 3 crores have been seized which have been found from him during the investigation, and therefore the police also suspect that how much such amount may have been hidden by him. Because no one could guess as far as the thinking of the defaulter can go, this is the reason the concerned department has taken 15 days time. So that, they could figure out everything, because even the smallest details can be very important in this case as this is not a common case, hence, the reason why the investigation is going on at its peak.

Who Is Rajendra Balaji?

It is being reported, that the concerned department is interrogating him so that, he could unleash the truth behind the fund scandal, as more than 3 crores have been seized from his side, and this is the reason high speculation is taking place as well, that he will definitely have more bunches of the notes. Which s not ready to reveal but the way the investigation is going on, it seems that he will confess everything soon. Even the court has allowed the concerned department that they can investigate the case the way they want.

If further reports are to be considered, so Deputy Inspector General of Police (Madurai Range) an SP of Virudhanagar district said, that later the defaulter has been admitted to the nearest hospital, as he is being treated by the medical staff for a long. So therefore the concerned department had to stop the investigation for a while, hence, the case will take a bit more time to unleash the exact truth behind the story. So when something will come ahead we would make you update for sure because yet a few pieces of information are pending.

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