Who is Robert Bobby Silver Honda Fit? Who is Highland Park Chicago July 4th Shooter?

Local authorities haven’t revealed much as part of their latest update on the shooter and victims of the Highland Park shooting. They confirmed that so far only six people have been killed and 24 injured. A child of unknown age was seriously injured. All sick victims are adults. The no-fly zone applies to the entire Highland Park area. More information will be provided in the next hour as more information becomes available.

Who is Robert Bobby Silver Honda Fit?

This picture perfectly describes what Americans are going through. A local police officer is lamenting another major incident that could have been avoided. It’s heartbreaking.

Here’s another look at the shooting in Highland Park, where the man is at large and is being pursued by all branches of state and local police forces. All Highland Park events scheduled for the weekend of July 4 have been canceled as the suspect remains at large. The suspect is said to have long black hair but has not been arrested. Forensic teams are already testing fingerprints left on the recovered assault rifle.

The gunman opened fire from the roof of Uncle Dan’s store, according to local authorities. He lost a gun on the run, but that doesn’t mean he’s still not considered armed and dangerous. There are still no pictures of the gunman, but local authorities believe security camera video of him has been taken.

The active-duty shooter has been identified as a white male between the ages of 18 and 20, according to the Today Show. They also reported that a firearm was found nearby, but did not specify what type of weapon was used.

Local authorities also reported that the gunman remained at large, allegedly killing five people and hospitalizing at least 19 others. Her condition is currently unknown.

At about 10:10 a.m., a gunman opened fire on civilians as the march was taking place in Chicago’s Highland Park. This is the first video posted on Twitter to capture the terrified people running for their lives.

Chicago’s Highland Park parade was in full swing during Monday’s 4th of July festivities when a gunman opened fire on civilians around 10:10 a.m. Authorities responded as soon as possible to the situation of the active-duty gunman, who has not yet been arrested. However, they reported that at least six people were killed and 24 others were taken to hospital. There are some reasonable images, not for the faint of heart, tumbling on social media, with the Associated Press snapping a photo showing a pool of blood and at least three bodies can be seen lying on the ground.

The gunman remains at large and is being pursued by all Chicago police departments, according to local police. The Chicago Police Department SWAT team is also active in the area, and they are more actively looking for shooters. Stay tuned for all live updates as we continue this coverage on July 4th. Of the five killed, reports of the tragic death of a child were debunked by local police.

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