Who is Roberta Paulsen? woman trampled by police horse ottawa is dead

Roberta Paulsen is the name od the Ottawa protester who died, it is being reported.

Police on horseback reportedly dashed past a group of Canadian protesters dubbed the “Freedom Convoy” as they continued to protest government restrictions on COVID-19 and vaccination requirements in Ottawa.

A video posted to Twitter appeared to show Ottawa police officers walking through the crowd and trampling two people with their horses. When the horse stepped on the people, the crowd quickly surrounded them to help them.

Then, officers walking in riot gear and batons appear to push the crowd back in the video. The crowd turned against the police, who ordered protesters to leave the area immediately and threatened to arrest them.

Ottawa police tweeted: “Protesters continue to act aggressively towards police lines. To prevent escalation or further harm, mounted police have been dispatched to maintain a critical distance between police lines and protesters.”

Protesters continued to take aggressive actions against the police line, and in order to prevent the situation from escalating or further harm, mounted police were dispatched to create a critical distance between the police line and the protesters. This is done to create a safe distance. pic.twitter.com/PUIj7w1rwc

Authorities claim a bicycle was thrown at one of the horses’ feet in an attempt to injure it. A man has been arrested on suspicion of intentionally injuring a police service animal.

Newsweek reached out to the Ottawa Police Department for comment. A spokesman said no protesters were “stomped on”.

“We are not aware of any protesters being trampled by horses,” a spokesman told Newsweek. “We learned that a protester fell, got up and walked away.”

The confrontation between police and protesters comes four days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the unprecedented step of invoking emergency laws to halt the truck blockade.

The Liberty motorcade initially protested the country’s vaccination mission, launched in January, which required all Canadian truck drivers crossing the U.S.-Canada border to be fully vaccinated against the virus, or subject to possible isolation or testing.

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