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Who Is Russell Flowers Bodyguard Of Princess Haya? Having Secret Affair? Wiki Biography


Russell Flowers and Princess Haya have become the topic of discussion on the internet. There’s not a single person that has not been discussing the pair. Well, you must be wondering who are they and why are they in trend. Well, let us tell you that Haya is the princess of Dubai while Russell Flowers happens to be her bodyguard. For some time, it has been talked about that they both are having a secret affair. Yes, you read that right. The duo is in a secret relationship that has now gotten exposed. Check details here.

Russell Flowers

Princess Haya whose full name is Haya Bint Al Hussein has occupied the top trends on the internet ever since her secret relationship with her own bodyguard Russell Flowers came to the limelight. Princess Haya, husband, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a renowned ruler of Dubai who has raised his eyebrows on the ongoing affair between his wife and her bodyguard.

Russell Flowers Bodyguard

Dubai’s ruler suspicion about his wife led him to keep an eye on her. He decided to surprise visit Princess Haya in their London residence. To his surprise, Haya was with Russell at that time. As per the sources, Princess Haya’s husband ended their four years long marriage as he couldn’t bear the fact that his wife was cheating on him with her bodyguard. Sources also reveal that Sheikh Mohammad had divorced Princess Haya and the latter has just come to find out about it.

Now, it is being said that Mr Mohammad will have to pay around 700M dollars to his Haya Bint in the divorce settlement. Talking about Russell Flowers, Haya Bint’s 38-year-old bodyguard, the man parted ways with his wife. However, what is Russell Flowers wife name, has not been disclosed yet. According to the reports, Russell’s wife had found out about the latter having an affair with someone. She discovered Haya Bint’s photos where she was wearing a swimming costume.

Besides, Flowers’ wife also found a contraceptive in her husband’s bag. She came to the realization that another woman has entered her husband’s life and that he doesn’t love her anymore. Later, the pair got separated too. Now, people are slamming the Dubai princess for having a romantic relationship with a married man and for ruining his family. It is also said that Haya used to gift Russell expensive things and once she gifted a hunting rifle to her bodyguard worth 50,000 dollars.

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