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Who Is Russell Flowers Dead Or Alive? Check Death Hoax Real Or Fake?


Currently, Russell Flowers has occupied all the top trends on the internet. For the past few days, the entire social media is talking about him. If you are not aware of the reason why is he trending, let us inform you that Russell Flowers is a bodyguard of Princess Haya and the latter came to the light ever since his secret romantic affair with the said princess got exposed? Since then both the duo has become a hot topic of discussion among the netizens. Well, now, it is rumoured that Russell Flowers has died. Check, if the rumours are true.

Russell Flowers

A few days ago, Princess Haya’s husband Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum caught his wife with the bodyguard red-handed. From that moment, the duo got into headlines and started being talked about. Now, after the passing of some days, it is said that the bodyguard Russell Flowers has died. If sources are to be believed, Russell was murdered in 2020. Few sources also claim that his murder was related to his affair with the Dubai ruler’s wife. However, not much information regarding the same is available on the internet yet. We can not confirm if Russell Flowers is dead or alive.

Talking about the secret relationship of the 46-year-old Princess Haya and her bodyguard Russell Flowers, they both were together for quite some time. Russell who was a former soldier was caught by his wife as the latter discovered some photographs of the princess where she was wearing a swimming costume in Russell’s bag. According to Russell Flowers’s wife whose identity has not been revealed yet, was extremely disheartened after learning about her husband’s affair. Later, Russell told his wife that he no longer loves her and the two ended their four years long marriage after that.

It is being said that Princess Haya is the sixth wife of the above-mentioned Dubai ruler. She was in a romantic relationship with her own bodyguard for over two years. Their hidden relationship was exposed by Sheikh Mohammad. On Tuesday, the couple’s divorce settlement of £554m occurred. Princess haya had told the court that she was being blackmailed by four of her security staff and that she paid £7 to them so that they remain silent on her affair. However, she did not disclose their names in front of the court. Haya who showered the 37-year-old Russell in the expensive gifts had not commented anything regarding the ongoing controversy.

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