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Who Is Sabha Othman From Fresno CA? Is She Dead Or Alive? Missing Woman Update


Once again, a Palestinian Muslim woman also known as Sabha Othman evaporated from the parking area lot after last being seen along with three guys. Now the many questions are popping out that where she is, as hitherto, no pieces of vital information regarding her came yet. So, therefore, many speculations are coming with different claiming which is making the case tricky, because all reports are claiming the different story behind the case. Because CCTV footage has been recovered by the concerned department to bring the investigation ahead so that, something could come ahead again.

Who Is Sabha Othman From Fresno CA? Is She Dead Or Alive? Missing Woman Update

As per the exclusive reports or sources, The concerned department of Clovis announced on 2nd January 2021 that Sabha Othman was not booked against her will. But the case is catching the heat as the public disagrees with the statement shared by the concerned department. Because as the time is passing many statements are taking place which is creating confusion among the people as well. But the most shocking and disappointing thing is that no media outlet is covering the news about her, after her missing for a week, therefore, everyone is sharing their immense reactions on the case.

Who Is Sabha Othman?

32-years-old Sabha Othman is a nurse who belongs to Fresno, California and lately, she has been declared disappeared as three people took her away from the parking area, in such a strange manner that is pointing that something was going to occur wrong with her. While, the concerned department is claiming that she went with them of her free will, this is the reason whoever is hearing the news their shocking reaction is taking place. Later, the public is urged by the concerned department for recovering the surveillance footage so that, they could reach a conclusion without making any speculation.

It is being said, that her close ones are also urging the police department for taking the action against the culprit while finding their close one, because her life could be in danger, as three people have taken her away from the locality where she used to stay. Therefore, before it is too late they will have to find her because in such a manner as they made her disappear it does not require any trust. So we have conferred such details here regarding the case and when something will come we will update you for sure.

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