Who Is Salma al-Shehab? What Happened? Incident Explained

Who Is Salma al-Shehab? What Happened? Incident Explained: These days, plenty of controversial exploits are being committed by social media users to set the fire among everyone, especially those, who usually make their appearances to scroll the daily feeds. Something similar has recently happened with Salma al-Shehab who has been sent behind the bars for 34 years for using Twitter where she posts the agonist posts. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions started hitting the headlines while grabbing huge reactions. So below you could explore everything you need to know along with those pieces of information which are remaining hidden.

Who Is Salma al-Shehab Saudi Woman Sentenced To 34 Years In Prison For Using Twitter


As per the exclusive reports or sources, Salma al-Shehab is recognized as the Saudi woman activist who recently Leeds student’s tweet ended with long imprisonment. At the University of Leeds in Britain, Salma al-Saheb is completing her doctoral degree and besides all these, she is typically a conservative and rooted Sunni Community person, who freely tweeted about Saudi women’s rights. Therefore, usually, she gets into trouble because it is not the first that she is coming into the limelight due to the tweet scandal. But the issue is massive enough, which totally left her close ones shocked.

Who Is Salma al-Shehab?

Reportedly, Salma al-Shehab is a Saudi Woman activist who was not a well-known dissident and she usually addresses herself as a dental hygienist medical educator and Ph.D. student at Leeds University and lecturer at Princess Nourah bind Abdulrahman University. Besides all these, she is a mother of two Adam and Noah, and the further information you could get while visiting her social media handle as she is holding many accounts on social media including Instagram and Twitter. Because she appears active there quite often and therefore, she is holding a wide fan following as well.

Apart from all these, the South Arabian court sentenced her to 34-year imprisonment due to her activities on Twitter because seldom she post sober. Otherwise, all the time something controversial takes place through her account as this time, but she did not have an idea that her actions will be turned upside down in such a manner. So here, we have mentioned such details which have been derived from other significant sources and when more will come out we will update you. Because still, her previous records are getting opened as she was initially detained in January 2021 as well

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