Who Is Sanna Marín? Check Leaked Video Of What Happened On Twitter & Reddit

Who Is Sanna Marín? Check Leaked Video Of What Happened On Twitter & Reddit:  sarinSanna is in the headlines after a video of her partying was leaked today. She has previously been criticized for attending too many music festivals & spending too much on partying instead of ruling. The critics say it’s not fitting for a PM.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s party video has come under fire after it was leaked on social media.

The 36-year-old head of state, the youngest ever head of state, has previously been criticized for spending too much time at festivals and clubs.

In the video, originally posted to Instagram Stories, Ms Marin can be seen drinking with a group of friends, dancing and singing while listening to Finnish rapper Petri Nygård and pop star Antti Tuisku.

According to the Iltalehti newspaper, several Finnish public figures can be seen in the video, including singer Alma, influencer Janita Autio, TV presenter Tinni Wikström, YouTuber Ilona Ylikorpi, radio host Karoliina Tuominen, stylist Vesa Silver and Ms. Marin Social Democrat MP Ilmari Nurminen gathers.

“The time and location of the shooting could not be determined from the video,” the paper wrote.

“It looks like the videos were filmed in a private apartment. Iltalehti was unable to reach Marin or her staff for comment on the videos on Wednesday night. Marin’s celebration and publicity on social media, in a departure from the prime minister’s traditional style, There was a lot of attention and discussion.”

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