Who Is Sawyer Fredericks? The Voice Season 8 winner

Who Is Sawyer Fredericks? The Voice Season 8 winner – Age, Instagram, and, more!: An American blues singer-songwriter who bagged the title and trophy of the “The Voice Season 8” is presently in the discussion of the town. Sawyer Fredericks is the winner of the 8th season has opened up about his se*uality. Swayer, 22-years-old who was on Pharrell Williams’s team on the show, appeared as bis**ual in a released statement which he shared with his followers on Instagram handle. The winner of The Voice started his statement by saying that “Hey everyone it is time for my #TruthfulTuesday.” He further continued with his statement on the same post, disclosing about his se*uality, and also confessed that he might “lost some admirers over the post.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sawyer Fredericks

Who Is Sawyer Fredericks?

His statement further read that “Since I have not publicly stated this in a post, I wanted to say that I am Bis**ual. When I was younger I thought I was hetros**ual as I was attracted to women, and I did not know there were more options apart from Gay and Straight. So I just assumed that I was hetros**ual. I am privileged and have never been discriminated against or biased against for my se**ality or ashamed of it. I am truly sorry for any of you who have been, and I hope it gets better.”

Sawyer Frederick Openly Talking About His Partner

According to Frederick’s interview with The Daily Gazette, the singer disclosed that he had been living with his partner in an approximately 700-square-foot apartment near downtown Troy: “It is very different from living on a farm. It is cool. It is got a lot of character. I have enjoyed it.” The winner of The Voice 8 stated it was his first time living with someone other than a family member, and that it had been a good experience.

Sawyer Fredericks: Age and Instagram

He informed the Daily Gazette that he met his partner at a rock climbing gym about 5 years back. The star of The Voice talked about both of them dividing their tidying duties and that it is nothing compared to having grown up on a farm: “We both have our responsibilities of making sure the apartment in which both are living should be clean. I can not even really call them chores. I am so used to chores being like you are going to go out to the barn and muck a giant stall. So I just sweep the floor? It feels easy.”

A Look Into The Voice Season 8 Winner, Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer won the “The Voice Season 8” in the year 2015. The singer exhibited his performance with a deep voice and a powerful delivery that made him the favorite of the judges. After winning the title and trophy, he made his major debut with A Good Storm.


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