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Who is Serge Gelle? Madagascar’s Police Minister Helicopter Crashes, Swims for 12 Hours Before Rescue


Recently, Madagascar city has faced such a frightening accident as the aircraft crash occurred and became the cause of several departures. Since, the news came in front of the people their immense sorrow came ahead because no one has supposed that such a scary incident will snatch their lives. But amidst this, a Madagascar’s police minister & mechanic of airforce succeeded in swimming around 12 hours to safety, when their aircraft got crashed in the Indian Ocean. Now the whole attention is fetched by the fact that what was the reason behind the incident, to know more check the details below.

Serge Gelle

As per the exclusive reports or sources, General Serge Gelle a 57-years-old man who is the secretary of the state for Gandermarie also recovered in the ocean through a fisherman who went hunting the fishes. Something similar has been done by another passenger who was recognized as Cheif Warrant Officer Jimmy Laitsara, he also swam to lead the safety, many statements have also arrived. Amidst the tragedy, they got recovered well but the rest of the passengers had to leave the world as many lethal injuries were spotted on their entire bodies, which became the cause of their sudden demise.

It is being reported, that recently Jimmy Luitsara has shared a statement in which he said that ” His turn to pass away has not yet arrived, thank god he is well, but the cold has surrounded his body”. Later, a video got posted on Twitter as well, in which, such actions were appearing in such a manner that could easily indicate how worse the incident was. Further, victims cum eye-witnessed mentioned that the sound of the tragedy was extremely scary that freezer their feet on their seat, because a wave of queasiness took place among them, as they were seeing their death in front of them.

The case is under investigation, as the concerned department is doing its best to figure out the exact cause of the crashing so that, they can catch the culprit if someone did something with it. But almost every time, engine fault occurs so let see what will come out after the investigation. As the concerned department has seized the place where it got crashed so that, evidence could be collected by them which would be proven beneficial for them during the investigation. So when the further details will be released by them we will make you acquainted for sure.

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