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Who Is Seth Dubois? Louisiana Shreveport Teacher Arrested For Harassing 15 Years Old Girl


Who Is Seth Dubois? the teacher from Louisiana is reaming the hot topic on social media, as he is being accused of intimate crimes along with Juvelies, incident behaviors & solicitation of an insignificant. He was working as a teacher in Captain Shvere High School in Caddo Parish, he had been arrested by the concerned department. Ever since the news took place on social media several reactions have surrounded his social media handle, because everyone is keen to get comprehensive details behind the case. Because whenever something catches the heat it brings the curiosity of the users as well.

Who Is Seth Dubois? Louisiana Shreveport Teacher Arrested For Harassing 15 Years Old Girl


As per the exclusive reports or sources, The investigation has been commenced by the police in March 2021 after the state police got the complaint about Seth. It is being said that he used to share his over-revealing pictures and talk intimately to someone, as he thought was a 15-years-old girl. Several reports are claiming a different story because of which, the exact truth is not getting by the users. As soon as the investigation is going ahead many unknown facts are taking place which is quite shocking as well, and therefore it is remaining the hit topic.


38-years-old Seth Dubois is an Ex-Caddo Parish Teacher, but he has a criminal history as well before joining the teaching profession. But despite this, he did not make anyone make acquainted with all those stuff which hew has been gone through in the past. He has seen active ion Twitter as well quite often, according to some reports he was a physics and maths teacher. He had worked as an Animeb club and drama club sponsor. But this time, he has been surrounded by controversy due to his inappropriate activities and currently serving the sentence behind the bar.

It is being reported, that Seth Dubois was taken into custody for sending inappropriate photos and using a sexually explicit conversation with a 15-years-old girl. He was arrested from his residence and booked into the Caddo Correctional Center. His story has been revisited on the TV series Undercover Ubnderage, which was broadcast on 2nd November 2021, were they aware the people against child abuse or grooming allegations. During the interrogation, the culprit has confessed everything because of which, he has been sent into custody, so that, he can get the appropriate punishment for the exploit. These details have arrived as per the sources, so if we would get more we will update you.

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