Who Is Shane Dawson? What Happened? Cause Of Death?

Who Is Shane Dawson? What Happened? Cause Of Death?:  Shane Dawson talks about the positives of being fired online.

Finally, in July 2020, Shane apologized for his antiquated and offensive content, which included blackface, racism, and jokes about pedophilia. Shane’s work with troubled YouTubers like Jeffree Star and his involvement in YouTube TV series starring James Charles and Trisha Paytas also contributed to the collapse of the once-popular YouTuber’s public image.

Shane then decided to take a social media break, acknowledging that his career was “over”. However, after a year-long hiatus, Shane has resumed creating content, albeit at a much slower pace than before. Shane has also started his own podcast and is a regular on his fiancé Ryland Adams podcast.

While Shane has lost some of his fan base, he admits the cancellations actually worked to their advantage.

Speaking about the cancellation of Monday’s (August 1) Perez Hilton podcast, Shane explained, “I really think the universe and God or whatever really planned it, because before I got cancelled, I didn’t want to anymore. There it is. I’m burned out.”

Shane added: “It’s just a buildup of booms, booms, booms, booms, and at a certain point, yes, then I start treating eating disorders and all the other issues, and then, oddly enough, maybe even two months earlier, When I started therapy, I was canceled and was like, ‘Oh. To me, it felt very design.’”

Shane goes on to say that by having time to think, he is now able to create content that he really enjoys and focus on his podcasts.

He continued, “Now I can see what the bigger purpose is and what I’m doing, and I’m grateful to be where I am and my family, instead of freaking out every day like ‘I’m going to do it’ What to do?! “What should I do? ! how should I do? Do people get angry? “It’s really not over.”

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