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Who is Sharna Walker? Jailed for 14 Weeks for Racist Abusing the Doorman: Video


An inebriated woman named Sharna Walker created a huge nuisance when she lashes out at a black doorman at Wetherspoons. The 25 years old man was alleged to racially abuse the doorman and call The N-word, she didn’t even stop with that but continuously abused the man under the influence of alcohol. As and when the entire case comes to the attention of the authority, they began the investigation and proceed the lady to the court hearing where she was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment at Magistrates court. The lady burst out of tears at the time her sentence was announced.

Sharna Walker

According to the latest reports, Shana Walker vent out his rage and started reprimanding the doorman named Tristan Price. The 26 years old doorman was even pushed and spat by the lady who was abusing him at the same time with heinous racist words. The people present there was awestruck hearing such hurled. The lady was kicked out of the bar later. The entire incident was recorded in CCTV footage where the spat is completely visible showing Shana pushing Tristan and racially abusing him. The incident took place outside Wetherspoon’s Figure of Eight bar located on Birmingham’s bustling Broad Street.

Sharna Walker Video

The spat that took place on 22 May of the ongoing year had been lawfully concluded lately. The court found the lady guilty and imprisoned her for 14 weeks for racial abuse and for damaging the pub’s door. The 24-second footage went viral where Shana clearly seems to push the bouncer and use the N-word, the people around them giving disappointing reactions on this. It also came to know that she hit the door on the bouncer’s shoulder. After showing all the evidence in the court hearing, Shana accepted that she committed a racial assault and criminal damage.

The was being processed under the fine judgement sense of the honourable judge John Bristow asked her that you intentionally spit on the doorman as you were inebriated. The judge also said that Mr Price had even forgiven you for being of a Godfearing man, the entire incident disclose because the video got viral all over the Internet. The judge further said “I am sending you to prison for 14 weeks. I have reduced your sentence because of your plea.” Prosecutor Sara Woulfe briefly explained the entire mishap took place at around 9:30 PM in the month of May and all the evidence pointed out that Walker is guilty. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more worldwide updates.

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