Who Is Sharon Kemp? Check What Happened To Her, Dead Or Alive?

Who Is Sharon Kemp? Check What Happened To Her, Dead Or Alive?:On social media, Sharon Kemp is trending as every one is discussing her health. Some sources are claiming that she is in bad condition while many are stating that she is doing fine. You must be wondering why these claims have been surfacing on the internet in the first place. Well, let us tell you that Sharon, who is a well-known darts player, is not seen for quite some time. This has worried her fans and supporters and this has led them to search for her on the internet.

What Happened Sharon Kemp


While many reports have been claiming that Sharon Kemp is sick and that is the reason, she has not played any games in a long time. It is reported that she has been injured and this explains why she has not appeared in any kind of game. However, it is not confirmed if she is actually ill or not. Speculations are rife that Sharon Kemp moved to Australia because of being sick. As mentioned, we can not confirm if this happens to be the truth as it is just another rumor. Thus, reports about her illness have not been proven yet.

Who Is Sharon Kemp?

As already mentioned, Sharon Kemp is a famous darts player from Britain. Reports confirm that she rose to popularity in the 1980s. Sharon went on to set two records in the WDF Europe Cup Women Overall in 1984 and 1985. Not much information about her personal life is available on the internet yet. Sharon does not even have her Wikipedia page so we do not have any updates about her life. Her private life has never been made public and not much is known about her childhood or family as well. The only information we know is that she is a popular dart player.

Together with Lind Batten, Sharon won the WDF Europe Cup for Women Pairs in 1984 and 1985. Further in 1982, 1983, 1984, and 1985, she won the British International Women’s championship. Reports suggest that Kemp will be 62 years old in 2022 and she was born to English parents and was a British citizen. However, her complete birthdate details are not accessible as of now. Talking about Sharon’s health, it is not confirmed if she is ill or not. No confirmation regarding her bad condition has come to the front yet. We can not state if she is suffering from something or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and the latest news.

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