Who is Shawn Guetschow? Kenosha Cop kneeling on 12-year-old Girl’s Neck Viral Video Twitter

School officials in Kenosha, Wisconsin, have shared a shocking video that shows a police officer subduing a 12-year-old student by placing his knee on the girl’s neck. The off-duty officer pins the girl down with his knee on her neck for almost half a minute. The horrifying video has been surfacing on the internet and has been gaining a lot of attention from netizens. The officer who behaved with a young girl in such a manner is getting slammed online by the users. Let us check the complete details of the matter below.

Shawn Guetschow Kenosha Cop

In the video, two students are seen fighting with each other at the lunchroom of Lincoln Middle School. As the students fight, Shawn Guetschow, a Kenosha officer, and another staff try to resolve the issue as they are seen intervening and pulling the said students apart. Guetschow who worked as a security officer at the school is seen pulling down one of the girls and pushing her head against the floor.

After that, he knelt on her neck and remained in the same position for nearly half a minute. Later, the off-duty officer handcuffs her and walks away from the lunchroom. As the matter has surfaced and gained the attention of a lot of people, the school’s reputation has come at a risk. The father of the 12-year-old girl, Jerrel Perez, has demanded criminal charges against the police officer. Perez shared that his daughter has sustained injuries and has been undergoing therapy. He added that she is also seeing a neurologist for her injuries.

As per reports, the 37-year-old Guetschow was placed on administrative leave by the district. It is reported that he has given his resignation from the part-time job with the school. The officer stated that he did not receive support from the district. Writing to Kenosha Superintendent Beth Ormseth, Guetschow stated that the events that took place and the escalated attention the incident at Lincoln Middle School has caused in the community emotional, and mental strain and that he did not receive the support from the district that he needed.

The officer further wrote that he can no longer continue his employment with the Kenosha Unified School District. On another side, Keosha Police Department has confirmed that Guetschow is still employed by the force that they are continuing their investigation and are paying careful attention to the entire scope of the incident. Follow for more updates!

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