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Once again, Tesla CEO “Elon Musk” is coming into the limelight ever since his name is tied with Shivon Zilis, one of Musk’s top executives from Neurolin. As the couple quietly greets the twins in November 2021, and therefore, as soon as everyone is getting familiarized with the news, their immense reactions started coming out. Even uncounted are expressing their interest to make themselves aware of everything along with the personal stuff of Shivon Zilis. Because just in a very short time period she has maintained consistency in the limelight, and finally, a few integral pieces came out so below you could get everything.

Shivon Zilis


As per the exclusive reports or sources, now Elon Musk is having 9 children after being blessed with the twins before the revelation his admirers were believing that he had only 7 children but since another card of his life, has been shown so it left uncounted in deep discussion. Because previous to the news, he did not even talk about Zilis hence, her identification was initially remaining ascertained from the eyes of those who know Musk deeply. But now, as everything has come out clearly so this is the reason, there is no confusion existing.

Who Is Shivon Zilis?

Reportedly, Zilis met with Elon Musk when she was associated with OpenAI which is a non-profit organization that had been cofounded by Musk in 2015. She hails from Ontario, Canada, and during her college days, she played as a goalie on the women’s ice-hockey team. Therefore, her fan following was already massive gaming her close ones and those who know her but after coming into the relationship with Musk her popularity caught the extreme heat as well. She completed her alma maters from Yale University and at the age of 36 she joined the director’s board at OpenAI in 2020. Apart from all these, she has made uncounted accomplishments in her name too.

In 2017, she became part of Tesla as Project Director and approximately dozens of workers have been working under her hand, which makes her different than those who are also working with the same organization. Only these pieces of information have been arrived out and therefore, still, a very few integral parts are remaining the subject of wide discussion. So here, we have conferred such details which have been derived from the other significant sources, and therefore, when more will come out we will make you familiar for sure, stay tuned with us to know more.

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