Who Is Shukla Mukhopadhyay Mukherjee? Cause of Death? What Happened?

Who Is Shukla Mukhopadhyay Mukherjee? Cause of Death? What Happened?: One of the renowned personalities of Bengal who attained the title of Kitchen Queen of Bengal named Shukla Mukhopadhyay passed away suddenly. This untimely demise of the personality shocked the entire state. The news of a Television personality’s death is widely spread all over the Internet and her fans are giving shocking and sad reactions to her death. Some of the significant personalities also expressed their sorrow through social networking sites. The information of her death has been announced by Padmini Mukherjee through social media as well. Get more information on Shukla Mukhopadhyay’s death cause.

Shukla Mukhopadhyay Mukherjee


As we just informed that this awful information has been provided by Padmini Mukherjee through Facebook where it got viral on the Internet and all the notable social media platforms. The announcement didn’t include the major reasons that claimed the life of the Kitchen queen of Bengal. The details of the events wherein she took her last breath is still unclosed. We have to wait for the household to release the information regarding her death. This void of information led to many unofficial stories circulating on the Internet misguiding users.

As we mentioned many significant personalities of the state belonged to the cooking and food industry showing their grief through social media platforms. Some of the platforms including Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with condolences shared by her fans and other people. Many of her fans are also paying tributes to the famous personality. In addition to this, her age at the time she died is under review. She was associated with the longest-running entertaining channel Zee Bangla as an advisor for the popular cooking show Rannaghar. It is one of the most thriving shows ever aired on the channel.

Rannaghar, hosted by Sudipa Chatterjee, the show is considered one of the longest-running cookery shows. The show has collected an unexceptional fan base over all these years. The show aired its debuting season in the year 2005, making it the longest-running Bengali television show to date. The show has also commemorated its 16th anniversary on 9th May 2022. Along with that, it is also the third longest-running Indian Television Series.

Apart from the show, Mukherjee also wrote a recipe book for Bengali food and collected numerous achievements throughout her life. We will get back to you with the reasons for her death. Our hearts go out to her family members and hope the pure soul will rest in peace.

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