Who Is Singer Yvan Buravan? What Happened? Cause Of Death?

Who Is Singer Yvan Buravan? What Happened? Cause Of Death?:  Burabyo singer Yvan, known as Buravan, passed away due to illness in India, where he was born.Ivan Burabyo, known as Yvan Buravan, is in good condition despite being in the hospital for the past few weeks. He will be airlifted to India immediately after getting sick, according to a source inside his family. The famous singer’s name was originally Yvan Buravan, but he changed it to Yvan Burabyo because he thought the name was too common.

A journalist was criticized for being careless after posting tweets announcing the death of the ‘Gusakaara’ singer. The tweets followed rumors on social media that the singer had passed on, because he was unwell for weeks. Fans of the musician and other social media users were upset by this, and the journalist had to clarify that he was alive and well.

The musician was in Kenya for medical care, but his brother has said that he is alive and is going to be flown to India for further treatment any time now.

Artistes were upset to hear the rumors of Buravan’s death, and criticized the journalist Samuel Byansi Baker and social media user Claude Ishimwe Karangwa for spreading wrong information about such a sensitive topic.

Singer Uncle Austin told KT Press that the singer is recovering at King Faisal Hospital in Kigali. He is waiting to be transferred to India for further care. The singer was discovered by Singer Uncle Austin, who is considered to have discovered Buravan.

Uncle Austin said that his nephew is okay at the moment, although he is sick. He pointed out that the young man is not dead, and that journalists who are in charge of safeguarding the truth have no business spreading false rumors.

Malaika singer is being treated by doctors, but the condition he is suffering from is unknown. He has been moving between hospitals, and even to Nairobi, Kenya. The Government of Rwanda has promised to cover the costs of his treatment, as his health status continues to decline.

Singer felt hot in the stomach, and this problem continued for a long time. His uncle Austin said that the singer can still talk and have a conversation, but he is going to India to see if the doctors can figure out what is wrong with him and help him get better.

Many people have used social media to comment on the death rumors and those who started them, while others have wished the singer a quick recovery.

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