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Who Is Sophie Hermann? Check Leaked Video & Photos On Twitter, Reddit & Telegram:  The first actress Anabel Gutiérrez died at the age of 89 in the city of Puebla.She was a Mexican actress and comedian. Among her most outstanding works is her participation in the movies; Girls in Uniform (1951), Desired (1951), Forgotten Faces (1952), The Visit That Didn’t Ring the Bell (1954), and School for Tramps (1955).

In addition to films, she has also participated in some soap operas, of which they stand out; México 1900 (1964), Cárcel de mujeres (1968)-In addition to this, she also highlights her appearances in the Chespirito program playing the character of Doña Espotaverderona in sketches of Los Caquitos (1980).

Anabel Gutiérrez was a comedian from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, who stood out for being an actress “sponsored” by artists from the Golden Cinema such as Domingo Soler, Sara García, Joaquín Pardavé and Joaquín Cordero, making her debut as an actress in 1949 in the movie The devil are not devil.

But her popularity rose when she participated in the film The League of Girls. She later shared the screen with figures the size of Dolores del Río and Jorque Mistral in Esperada of 1950. But in 1954 she established herself with Escuela de vagabundos alongside Pedro Infante, Miroslava Stern, Dolores Camarillo and Óscar Pulido. Thanks to that film, Anabel Gutiérrez won an Ariel for Best Young Actress in 1955.

Anabel Gutiérrez Aicua (Mexico City, September 19, 1932) is a leading Mexican film and television actress, who began her artistic career in the late 1940s. She is one of the few living legends of the golden age of Mexican cinema. She is the mother of fellow actress Amairani. After her debut as her extra in “The League of Girls” she stands out as the sassy and flirtatious girl, earning several Ariel nominations.

In 1950, she stars in the film Descada, sharing credits with Dolores del Rio and Jorge Mistral. In that same year, she performed a starring role in the film Azahares para tu boda alongside Fernando Soler, Marga López, Sara García, and Joaquin Pardavé. In 1954 he consecrated himself in “Escuela de vagabonds” with Pedro Infante, Miroslava Stern, Blanca de Castejón, Dolores Camarillo and Óscar Pulido, in that same year he filmed the film La visita que no rang thebell sharing credits with Miroslava Stern. She also worked alongside Viruta and Capulina in the film Angelitos del trapecio in 1959. In the 1960s, she remained inactive in the cinema, only participating in the films Su primer amor, and Los resbalosos, both in 1960. She returned to the cinema in 1979 in the film Discoteca es amor and later he obtained a special participation in the film El coyote emplumado alongside María Elena Velasco in 1983. His last participation in cinema was in 1999 in the film La Paloma de Marsella..r’

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