Who Is Stoney Garnett? Cause Of Death? What Happened? & Biography

Who Is Stoney Garnett? Cause Of Death? What Happened? & Biography: Stony Garnett, stand-up comedian and avid Bristol City FC fan, has died. Let’s see what happened, how Stoney Garnett died and what was the cause of his death.

How did Stoney Garnett die?

Ashton Gate local legend ran for mayor of Bristol twice in 2012 and 2016. Stoney Garnett’s death was announced by Bristol City’s official Twitter account, which also wrote: “RIP”.

The former Robbins player also paid tribute on Twitter, writing: “Very saddened to hear of the passing of Stoney Garnett. An ardent city supporter who was very popular with the player. My condolences to Garnett. Condolences to the Nate family.”

Stoney Garnett’s death

So far, no cause of death has been officially announced. There are also no reports of him suffering from any chronic medical conditions. We have attempted to contact family and relatives for comment. No answer so far. We will update this page as soon as sufficient information becomes available.

Young Stoney attended Connaught Road School, where his first job was in a British Rail Locomotive Shed, where he now helps keep train records.

After leaving British Rail, he held various jobs before working as a postman for 24 years.

He got his start in comedy by appearing at charities and fundraisers across the city and continued to do so for most of his life.

He also briefly worked as an extra in several films when he met Roy Orbison, Ray Winston and Anthony Hopkins.

His final years at beverage wholesaler Matthew Clarke.

Stoney Garnett’s career

Garnett was recognised by Bristol Live in 2019 as one of 21 people who contributed to Bristol’s positive social environment. According to then-journalist Neil Maggs, Stoney Garnett was one of Bristol’s true personalities. The stand-up comedian, presenter and Bristol City supporter is known for his stylish style and one-man lines.

He often wears the red of his favorite team, always a big red felt hat with feathers. His unusual behavior made him a household name at Ashton Gate and around the neighborhood.

“He loves to dance and is quite agile for his age. He can often be seen in bars around the stadium.

“Stoney ran for mayor of Bristol in 2012 and 2016. He lost the election.”

Condolences to Stoney Garnett

Brian Tinnion said: “Let a man rest in peace hearing the news of Stoney Garnett’s passing.

Steve says RIP Stoney Garnett. At Ashton Gate, he always sat next to me, but never in the same seat, he sat where he wanted to. Often considered the only one who yells at a player one minute and blows his kazoo the next. And that unique red hat. someone who really loved

One said: Hello Tim and BCFC. I’m so sad to hear this because Stoney always stops in town or at the door to chat. He was even willing to talk to me about the Rangers, despite being a colorful City fan and always looking neat in his red outfits, including a red cap with feathers! rest in peace.

Elizabeth Anne tweeted: “I don’t know the man but appreciate the joy and consistency his outgoing personality and colourful attire brings to the community he interacts with. Long live such a character!

Arnie Davidson said: “Deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Stoney Garnett. He was the heartbeat of the fans, funny, loud, a really nice guy who always made me smile. God bless you, man.

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