Who Is Tambu Makinzi? The Woman With No Face Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her?

A name has been observed in searching trends and it is the name of that woman who was suffering from a rare form of bone cancer. Yes, we are talking about Tambu Makinzi, a regular woman from Zimbabwe. People today are getting keen to know if she is alive or not because it has been a while when no updates have been seen so far and right now people are just searching if she is alive, so be here till the end if you are keen to know about her.

Who Is Tambu Makinzi? The Woman With No Face Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her?

Well, talking about the form of cancer so, Chondrosarcoma is a bone sarcoma, primary cancer composed of cells derived from transformed cells that produce cartilage. So, Tambu Makinzi is the mother of a 27-year-old child from Zimbabwe who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer called chondrosarcoma. This cancer caused the cartilage on her face to grow out of control and also caused her to lose sight in one eye.

Who is Tambu Makinzi?

Well, for those who are keen to know about her and the disease so we would like to tell you that a documentary has been made on her where her entire life has been filmed there and you can see. However, the documentary was made on September 14, 2015, and at that time everyone watched that and got to know about all of those struggles that she faced in her life. Now the main thing that was making you curious to know about her so we would like to tell you that rumors were taking place and were claiming that she has died.

The latest reports have stated that she has not died yet and the 33 years old Tambu Makinzi is alive and staying somewhere in the country and perhaps going under medical treatment, so there is nothing to be worried about her and just don’t belive and praise all the rumors that are claiming that the lady has died because no any official update has been made so far about her death. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates across the globe and also on her health because we always jump the gun just to keep you updated.

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