Who Is Tanner Fox? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained

Who Is Tanner Fox? Cause Of Death? Incident Explained

Ripudaman Singh Malik became famous for being accused of, and then acquitted of, involvement in the 1985 Air India bombing. He was shot and killed in Surrey, British Columbia nearly two weeks ago. The police provided first aid until paramedics got there, but Malik died from his injuries. Since the shooting appeared to be a targeted killing, arrests were made and charges laid.

Officials with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team in Canada say that they have charged two men, Jose Lopez (23 years old) and Tanner Fox (21 years old), with first-degree murder. The homicide investigation team was called to the scene at the 12200 block of 128 Street, where a suspect vehicle was found burning.

This incident happened nearly two weeks after Malik was accused in another murder case involving 23-year-old Jose Lopez and 21-year-old Tanner Fox. Court records show that Lopez had earlier been charged with firearm related offenses and robbery charges for Fox. Interestingly, Malik was accused of involvement in the June 23, 1985 bomb blast that claimed the lives of 280 Canadians, including 86 children, but he and his co-accused were later acquitted of mass-murder and conspiracy charges.

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