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Who Is The Woman Expels Vacationers from The Beach in Maitencillo Viral Video


Another viral video is spreading on social media and creating a controversial atmosphere which is spreading very fast and almost everyone’s attention is on its side. Yes, you heard right, the video is coming from the beach in Maitencillo, where a neighbour whose residential area has been adjoined a pub-restaurant/resort. As soon as the video of the incident is getting surfaced on social media, many reactions of the users are coming to the fore which has surrounded the social media handle of the face which is appearing in the viral content. So below you could everything behind the incident along with some shocking and unknown facts.

Woman Expels Vacationers from The Beach in Maitencillo

When it comes to the viral video, which is being circulated on all over the internet sites, so it is shared by a neighbour who lives next to the restaurant/resort. A famous seaside resort in the Puchuncavi commune where uncounted people tend to hang out on their vacations, especially during January or February. But due to this, the neighbours were facing huge issues as their work was disturbing enough due to the noise, which kept on creating by them and as soon as the time was passing, it was enhancing up to the extent which is inappropriate enough, and therefore one of them went in person to complain about them.

If further reports are to be considered, so in the video it is clearly appearing that a woman is saying that ” This was a Sanctuary and everything fell apart, and this is the global warming, and hence she lashed out by saying that she does not know from where the crowd comes from, but if they do not go right now, she will have to file the complaint, because her work is getting disturbed which is inappropriate enough, so go to hell”.

During the period of the pandemic, it seems inappropriate enough if somebody creates the crows in such a worst manner, because the virus is too contagious and could easily transfer in the human body. So despite knowing this, no one has a right to do anything like this, and therefore, those neighbors have passed such remarks. You could see everything in the video which is still, surfacing on social networking sites, which is speaking out everything regarding the recent circumstances of the area of the resort. So here we have shared such pieces of vital information which have been derived from the other sources.

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