Who Is TheDanDangler? Check Leaked Videos & Photos On Twitter & Reddit

Who Is TheDanDangler? Check Leaked Videos & Photos On Twitter & Reddit:  Twitch streamer, TikTok star and Instagram influencer Danyel “TheDanDangler” is having a hard time on the streaming platform. The Detroit, Michigan native has streamed the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone in addition to her Whirlpool content, which has gotten her into multiple troubles on Twitch.The 22-year-old streamer started her career on Twitch in 2020 but has since been banned from the platform five times. In addition to being suspended for her inappropriate dress on-air, she was also banned for a DMCA claim during Twitch’s TV Meta.

During the ban, she made headlines by tweeting that she was sick during her suspension and calling on Twitch to offer paid sick leave to its partners. The tweet was poorly received and was later deleted, with some users still making fun of it in their posts to this day.

Born in 1999, Danyell is a 22-year-old Twitch streamer from Michigan who became a co-host in February 2020. She said the name “TheDanDangler” came from the initials of her first name, as well as the nickname she got while playing football.

She was still in college when she started streaming, graduating with a degree in graphic design and a minor in illustration. Outside of streaming, she says she’s saving English bulldogs.

Their content mainly includes game streaming (Warzone) and Whirlpool. She captained the COD: Warzone Twitch Rivals event seven times and captained the ill-fated Ubisoft battle royale game Hyper Scape twice.

TheDanDangler’s swirl has been a double-edged sword for her streaming career. While they helped propel her streaming career beyond what only her gaming content could reach and reach a wider audience, it also resulted in her receiving numerous bans.

The ban she received in early 2022 came during TV Meta, where many streamers watched things like reality shows and anime on air.

She watched the TV series Forged in Fire live, for which she received a DMCA statement and a two-day ban. Her ban time tweeted that she had racked up $4,000 in hospital bills and accused the streaming platform of “absolutely doing nothing” while people were furloughed.

While TheDanDangler has been ridiculed for her past stance on Twitch, she remains an outspoken critic of the platform’s uneven enforcement of her policies, especially when it comes to Whirlpool Streaming. After her last ban in July 2022, she needs to be extra careful because no one knows when Twitch might finally decide to ban someone permanently.

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