Who is Tommy Sotomayor? Everything About Most Hated Man on Social Media Riles Everyone Up Again!

Who is Tommy Sotomayor, Everything About Most Hated Man on Social Media Riles Everyone Up Again: Hello reader and welcome back to the house of information TheGossipsWorld, today we are here to discuss a very viral topic “The most hated man on social media”, Tommy Sotomayor, So here are a few details that we have about him, Thomas was born on December 11, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. He is a famous YouTube personality I’m not only does he is also an American radio an online-based talk show host, conservation political commentator, film producer, and men’s rights activist. In July 2016, a videotape from a night of the 2016 Dallas police officer shootings revealed two on-duty Dallas Police Department officers calling fellow officers “cowards” on Sotomayor’s podcast “Your World, My View Podcast.

Who is Tommy Sotomayor?

The cops called into the podcasts as their colleagues were traveling to the location of the incident and responding to other police calls, and the two North Dallas patrol officers drove about spouting unpopular views on police killings.” Stop hiring cowards, they’re hiring cowards… my buddy thinks they’re employing cowards,” one of them remarked of rookie police officers fresh out of the training. “They hire ex-military personnel and do not see individuals as human beings.”

Most Hated Man on Social Media Riles Everyone Up Again

Subsequently, the Dallas Police Union indicated that the two officers’ conduct did not reflect the attitudes of other officers, and police department officials notified the media that Personal Affairs was investigating both officers. The video was later removed from YouTube, and despite the threat of significant disciplinary action, both officers remained on active service. With an incredibly large number of 14,000 people, he’s under strong allegations for his major racist videos, the petition is getting a huge amount of support and ask for the petition people want is content to get removed from YouTube and other platforms, because as per them it can heart one believes, sentiments can heart one believes sentiments and emotions of an individual.

Tommy Sotomayor Wikipedia, Biography, Age

This is not it, he has appeared on several Internet shows and platforms with a huge amount of controversies that always leave the audience surprised, we believe that because of all these reasons Tommy has got his name “the most hated man on social media, Long ago in 2016, a video recording went viral in which Sotomayor argued that black Americans pose a greater threat than weapons. Houck, a retired NYPD officer, tweeted the video and stated that the radio presenter “knows what he’s talking about!” Around this time, CNN law enforcement expert

Harry Houck provoked a disturbance after endorsing a video by Sotomayor in which she claimed that African Americans are responsible for the majority of violent crimes in America.  People are flooding Twitter with all kinds of comments for the person, one of them reads as, Tommy Sotomayor is a professional liar who does not require dialogue or to is talked to.” He should be permanently barred from using this site. Please, my LGBT community, do not spend your time and energy on this man.

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