Who Is Twitch Partner Clix aka Cody Conrod Banned? Check What Happened With Him?

Who Is Twitch Partner Clix aka Cody Conrod Banned? Check What Happened With Him?: In recent news, the partner of Twitch Clix Aka Cody Conrod is banned from the platform. He happens to be one of the well-known Twitch streamers who has gained a lot of attention in a very short course of time. The fans of the 16-years-old have been disheartened to learn about the news of his account getting banned. Due to this reason, he has been trending on several platforms and it has resulted in netizens searching for any kind of sort of information about him. Here is everything we know about him.



For the third time, Twitch has banned Clix Aka Cody, who is a popular Fortnite Twitch partner. His Twitch account may have reached its final chapter as a result. Given that the creator claims that this is his third strike, it appears that his account will be gone for good. The laws for using the platform are complicated, and they frequently place restrictions on content for absurd reasons. While they are streaming live, the broadcasters can be breaking Twitch’s regulations without realizing it.

Clix was reportedly competing in the Fortnite Championship Series on the day he was suspended. As per reports, Cody was banned from Twitch on February 15 for allegedly breaking the terms of service. His boycott intensified in November 2020 when the DMCA copyright legislation declared him to be one of several creators that were prohibited. The third boycott would result from him unintentionally streaming content from Express on his channel. It is said that Cody Conrod is dating an adult.

Although the couple claims to be happy together, it appears that his girlfriend is around four years older than he is. Cody’s fans have been very supportive of his love life ever since he revealed about his girlfriend. Sources confirm that Cody Conrod has a net worth of $2.2 million, the majority of which comes from his YouTube channel and Twitch subscribers. He has 1.88 million YouTube subscribers and 3.92 million Twitch followers as of 2022. Clix began streaming on Twitch in November 2017.

He broadcasts live on Twitch. His most recent five-hour live stream received an average audience of 24,464 viewers, according to Twitch Tracker. He violated Twitch’s regulations by sharing content that was only appropriate for adults, thus Twitch banned him for the third time. It would be interesting to see if he gets his account back or if his account has gone this time for real this time.

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