Who Is Vashone Hakeem Jones? Ex Deputy Arrested For Illegal Trespassing On Demaryius Thomas House

Ex-deputy Vashawne Hakeem Jones has been arrested for trespassing on Demaryius Thomas House. After hearing about people trespassing Demaryius Thomas’ home and having a party there, Rosewell police went to his house and found Vashone Hakeem Jones among other suspects. The police did a further investigation to find things like a gun, sports memorabilia, and other items from the late NFL player’s residence. Demaryius’s family claimed that specific items were stolen from the house including ESPY award, oxygen chamber, cash, shoes, and a signed Tom Brady Jersey. Get further details here.

Vashone Hakeem Jones Thomas House

According to the officials, Vashone Hakeem Jones is a former police officer who used to work in Georgia. The officer resigned after he was found guilty of the charge of theft and card fraud. Now, he is charged with trespassing on Thomas. As the officials were informed about the news, they arrived at the NFL player’s home on March 13. They went there to confirm if someone has trespassed the building or not.

Once the cops reach, they saw an Uber parked outside while making a delivery of a meal. They further began their investigation and discovered illegal things. Yes, it is reported that the police discovered a gun magazine, a pistol, and marijuana in the pool area and also found two people sleeping in the master bedroom. The people have been identified. One of them was Vashone while there was a woman who he met at a party just the night before at the Gold Room nightclub in Atlanta.

Let us add that when Roswell police were investigating the case, they found Vashone Hakeem Jones inside the home of Demaryius. The player’s mother had informed Roswell police about people partying in his son’s gone which was vacant after he died. Among the trespassers, a 30-year-old Malcolm Daniels and a 27-year-old Perfect Robinson were included. After interrogation, both Malcolm and Perfect informed the police that they were invited by Vashone to the home for the party. V

ashone told cops that he used to look after the home and had come to check the condition of the house. Talking about Vashone Hakeem Jones’ personal information, he has not shared anything about it. Thus, we do not have any details about his mother, father, wife, siblings, and others. Our team is trying to fetch some data about him. Until then, keep following our site for more latest updates and trending news around the world.

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