Who Is Velle Vell aka Larvell Huddleston? Is He Arrested Or Dead? Brown Deer Shooting Suspect

Velle Vell aka Larvell Huddlestone has become the subject of discussion after the recent incident where he reportedly shot two adults. Some sources are also claiming that he has died. The speculations have caused the internet to discuss him and with that, he is trending on the internet. As per reports, Larvell not just shot the adults but also went on live-stream the entire incident on his Facebook live. The users got shocked to see such kind of video on their timeline. Let us check the full details about the case and Larvell Huddleston.

Velle Vell

Now, it is being rumoured that Larvell Huddleston has taken his own life by committing suicide. Even the Brown Deer Police department is suspecting that he ended his life. However, the police have not released any official statement about the matter yet so it would be too early to declare anything. Besides, it is also coming forward that Huddleston was battling mental health problems and that it led him to kill two people which shocked the mass number of people.

Who is Larvell Huddleston aka Velle Velle?

Reports claim that he shot two people before killing himself. Yes, he killed the mother of his child and another man. Shockingly, Larvell Huddleston killed those people in front of his own child and went on to take his own life as well. The Brown Deer shooting suspect Larvell was reportedly 26-year-old at the time of his death while his baby’s mother was only 23. Another man that was killed by him was a 31-year-old man.

Apart from the duo, Larvell also shot a man, aged 36, in his leg. However, the man survived. He went live on Facebook on February 5 when he shot the aforementioned people in front of his own child where he also used harsh language. However, the video has been removed from his Facebook page and is no longer available to watch. His family details are also unknown at this time.

The only thing that is come to the knowledge is that he is survived by his young child who happened to be at the time of the incident. Talking about Larvell Huddleston, he was a musician who has released several songs while he was alive. He was popularly known as Velle Vell. Apart from music, he was also known for his criminal activities. Wisconsin Right Now has shared details on his past crime that he committed since 2020.

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