Who is Venus Angelic on onlyf? photos and video Out

Venus Isabelle Palermo (born February 8, 1997), better known as Venus Angel, is a Swiss YouTube user known for her doll-like appearance. After her YouTube video of her “How to Look Like a Doll” became popular in March 2012, she was called a “living doll”.

In 2013, she someone released a pre-release version of Icona’s popular song “I Love It” under the name Palermo, which ranked 71st on the UK Singles Chart. Her mother filed a complaint on iTunes and the song was removed. However, it is not clear who used the Palermo name.

My Apple ID was compromised so I can’t use Skype or WhatsApp right now! Just letting this know to the people who want to contact me but haven’t got a message since 3 weeks! Sorry about this 

In December 2014, Palermo and the Japanese citizen Okada Masaki began an affair. They got married in December 2015 and then moved to Japan in February 2016 in Palermo.

In May 2016, Palermo went to South Korea to undergo bariatric surgery, despite the fact that she weighed only 53 kg (117 lb) at the time of the operation. Palermo claimed that she contacted more than 50 doctors around the world until she found a doctor who was willing to continue with the operation. After the operation, her weight dropped to 38 kg (84 lb), she was taken to the hospital and received gastric medicine and intravenous drip treatment.


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