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On social media, we daily scroll some news and sometimes we find it very interesting and as we are talking about the interesting news so how can we forget Vera Mekuli, the name who is grabbing the headlines nowadays after her lap dance video went viral on social media post which the name has become a hot potato as everyone is talking about only her name. If you are one of those who is searching for Vera Mekuli lap dance video so stick around. If you have not watched the video yet! so be here till the end.

Vera Mekuli

On the internet, everyone is today talking about her and it seems like she has reached immense popularity overnight but the fame is now affecting the image of that lady who seems to twerk on the top of lieutenant. There is no doubt that the lady is being searched everywhere but another thing that is being searched on a loop is that man who is enjoying the lap dance. So, as per the sources available online, the man has been identified as Nick McGarry who is a lieutenant in the NY police department. However, it was just a party scene where everyone was just enjoying but as there was a man who was not a common man, so the video went viral and just in a few moments it became a deal of controversy.

Who Is Vera Mekuli?

As per the sources, Vera Mekuli is a 26 years old rookie just recruited in New York Police Department. She lives in the Bronx in New York. In the Twitter viral video, you will watch Mekuli grinding in McGarry’s lap as other people gather around, some wearing holiday sweaters and the dance is even warm that can give you goosebumps and the adorable New York Rookie is pleasing the officer and that too amazingly and saying this can’t be bad that it is a jaw-dropping video of the lady.

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