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Who is Zac Stacy? Ex Girlfriend Attack/ Fight Video Clip Footage Check Name


The former American football running back, Zachary Latrell Stacy, prominently known as Zac Stacy is currently surrounded by thousands of controversies after a video of him going viral on social media where he seems beating his girlfriend and that too in front of his 4-month-old kid. Well, if you are one of the fans of his so you must be in the swim that this is not the first time when the footballer is being into headlines.

Zac Stacy

Now when the video is being circulated on the internet so amid this situation he gave some statements where he even said that  Zac Stacy repeatedly punched Evans and tossed her towards the television in front of their infant son. The main thing that has been spreading over social media is, that if he gets proved guilty then he has to hit the bricks for 20 years because this is not the first time however he is stating something else that is not even matching with the footage that we watched. Well, Stacy has been to jail last month after allegedly attacking his girlfriend, Stacy Evans.

When he was probed by the cops he said that it was just a victim card play by his girlfriend because now she is putting pressure on him because she is demanding money from him and the footage is not even real because firstly she came to him for some romance but when he denied her, so she staged all the drama but how true is there is yet to be revealed because the case has reached the court and the investigation is going on and no doubt soon everything will be cleared.

However, Stacy was even charged with aggravated battery and criminal mischief. In another statement, the player said that Evans knew about him that he had just gotten out of rehab for anxiety and depression and went to visit Evans to show some support to her as a parent. Well, there are so many things that are yet to come up, and let’s see will he hit the brick or not. Stay tuned to get more updates on the case and also for the world’s update.

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