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Who Killed Candace Hiltz? Murder Case Explained


A name that created a buzz on the internet in the year 2009 is again trending on social media. Yes, we are talking about Candace Hiltz a mother of one girl named Paige Hiltz who got murdered back in 2006. Well, the lady was murdered 15 years and at that time she didn’t get justice even now there is no update came on the case, and still, the case is pending, and surprisingly the name again coming into the headlines.

Candace Hiltz Murder Update: Who Killed Candace Hiltz? Murder Case Explained

Recently a news site shared the story of her and just after that, the news got some hype again which was mandatory perhaps it can be the time when the girl will get justice after a very long time and it seems that in the year 2018 Candace Hiltz’s murder case finally saw some hope after some crucial evidence was discovered, but the question about who killed her remains a mystery and it is yet to be revealed however it seems like soon the case will get the result and justice will be served after all the case has been started to circulating on the internet and as you all know that once something lands to the social media than it gets the result for sure.

Who Was Candace Hiltz?

Candace Hiltz was a teenage mother who was fatally shot just feet away from her infant daughter. As per the reports she was one of the brilliant and bright students who used to do calculus at the age of 11 and that too with perfection. The girl was dreamed of becoming the Supreme Court Justice. She was also accepted in Standford Law School. Everyone around her, used to think that she will become the one who will make everyone proud of her, however, all of her dreams were destroyed in a single moment when news came that Hitlz got murdered brutally at her own home.

The murder was so brutal and everyone was shattered seeing her body as she was shot multiple times with three different guns. Her mother discovered her dead body where she saw her daughter’s body wrapped in a green comforter beneath the bed. Well, it has been a while when the case has still remained a mystery and another heart-wrenching news is that her daughter Paige Hiltz who was living with her grandmother post her mother’s (Candace Hiltz) death has passed away due to some illness.

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