Who Killed Muhammad Syed? What Happened? Incident Explained – Suspect Charged in ‘Horrific’ Murders

Who Killed Muhammad Syed? What Happened? Incident Explained – Suspect Charged in ‘Horrific’ Murders:   On Tuesday, police charged an Albuquerque man with the murders of two Muslim men in a series of murders that has rocked the city in recent weeks.

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In the last nine months, two other Muslim men were murdered in Albuquerque. Police might charge Muhammad Syed, 51, for those murders, according to Ahmad Assed, the president of the citys biggest mosque. The New York Times reported that police told Assed that the shooter was a Sunni Muslim and might have killed the victims because he was unhappy that his daughter had married a Shiite Muslim man, but authorities did not provide more details at a press conference on Tuesday.

APD Chief Harold Medina announced that charges had been filed against the suspect in the shooting. The police stated in a release that there was evidence that the suspect knew the victims to some degree, and that an argument might have occurred between the two parties. This week has been hard on our community, said Chief Medina in his statement, but we all worked together to find the suspect and protect our community, feeling as though we were under attack.

Police say that Syed is charged with the murder of Aftab Hussein and Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, aged 27 and 41 respectively. The suspect is also a prime suspect in the deaths of Mohammad Ahmadi (62) and Naeem Hussain (25), police added. Police found a gun at Syed’s home, linking him to two of the homicide scenes.

Deputy chief Kyle Hartsock of Albuquerque police commented on the murders, saying that they are still trying to determine what motivated the killings. However, he acknowledged that it was possible that Syed was upset because his daughter had gotten married, and killed the victims because of this. Authorities believe that Syed was the only person involved in the murders, and at this point in time do not think that the crimes were motivated by hate.

According to Hartsock, Syed is an Afghan native who has spent the last several years in New Mexico. He has been arrested for domestic violence three times in the past few years, but all the charges were eventually dropped. Since police suggested that the murders might be related, Assed told The Daily Beast on Monday that Albuquerque’s Muslim community has been feeling panic, fear, and hopelessness.

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