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Who Shot Shehnaaz Gill Father Santokh Singh Sukh? Why Was He Shot In Amritsar? Check Details


Another tragic event took place with the famous singer and television actress Shehnaaz Gill. As his father named Santhok Singh Sukh got shot after the politician announced that he has joined Bhartiya Janta Party. The incident took place before the state assembly election in 2022. It is being said that he was at Amritsar when he encountered two men on a bike firing at him. He was shot at around 8:30 PM last Saturday at the time he was returning after attending the event in the city. Get more information regarding Shehnaaz Gill father shot in Amritsar.

Who Shot Shehnaaz Gill Father Santokh Singh Sukh? Why Was He Shot In Amritsar? Check Details


According to the latest reports, he might be returning to the home from an event, meanwhile, his driver stops the car to attend the call of nature when two men came near his car on Santhok Singh as and when he opened the window to identify the men they open fire at them. After hearing the gunshots his security threw bricks on the men to save Mr Sukh. However, none of the security persons or people standing there managed to capture or record the criminals. The news went viral all over the Internet.

Shehnaaz Gill Father Santokh Singh Sukh Gets Shot

The police department and even started the investigation. Police are trying to find out the culprits who shot Santhok Singh. As of now, the Police official stated that the matter seems suspicious to them. In addition to this, it came to known that Santhok Singh was escaped the attack without any serious injuries. However, the police officials haven’t registered a case on the incident. On behalf of the statement of Harpreet Singh Station House Officer, Jandiala Guru Police station released information wherein he said that they recovered four empty bullet shells from the crime spot.

Besides, the popular actor and singer who was last featured in the latest Punjabi movie titled ‘Honsla Rakh’. The movie emerged as a hit at the box office however, Shehnaaz was kept at a distance from Social Media after his lover Sidharth Shukla’s death. Sidharth died on 2 September 2021.

Shehnaaz is devastated by Sidharth’s death ever since she is staying away from social media. Recently her father Santhokh Singh shared a picture on Social Media with Shehnaaz some of her fans. We will get back to you with any of the information on the shooting incident. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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