Who Was Adrian Ajax Precia? Murdered On September 10, 1980 at Spingarn High School? Story Wiki Bio

These days many crimes are happening all over the world and almost every time someone loses his life in this which no one would have expected. Recently, a few days ago, a case came to the fore, which was related to the school, under which a student was shot outside the school. Something similar had happened with Adrian Ajax Precia who had been shot to death in 1980 and after 4 decades, the case is again catching the heat in the manner of security of the student. So below you could check everything you need to know along with some shocking facts.

Adrian Ajax Precia

As per the exclusive reports or sources, at the time of the incident carrying a gun was a very normal thing for the school management team and the students, because it used to look cool and at the same time had an ability to save the lives of the student if something fishy takes place. But amidst all these a few students were there who usually showed up their guns to spread the atmosphere of terror among the students and the other people, because of which, later, the management team had to take a decision to ban such fatal weapons under the school province, ever since the Adrian Ajax slaughter case took place.

Who Was Adrian Ajax Precia?

Reportedly, 16-years-old Adrian Ajax Precia was a school-going boy and popularly known for his ability to get engraved in the exam, he was tall and handsome enough as uncounted girls used to address him as their crush. He hailed from Tree-Lines street north of Northeast Washington, but unfortunately, his passing took place on 10th September 1980 at Spingarn High School. As soon as his close ones got acquainted with the news their shocking reactions came out because the atmosphere of great terror was created among them, but besides all these, the concerned department took more time to get him for sending behind the bars.

When it comes to the exact circumstances, so he was in the auditorium of the school with his friends, and meanwhile, someone hooked about shooting him when he was continuously saying no, but despite hearing no, that person shot him and spontaneously he lost his life. As soon as the management team of the school got the news they made a call to the police department to take action against him. So here we have mentioned such details which have been fetched from the other reports.

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