Who was Amanda Ioannidis and what was her cause of death?

Who was Amanda Ioannidis and what was her cause of death?: Many posts and pictures have come out on the internet, talking about the Ioannidis, Adamantini. People say she has officially died and left her family alone. She died at St. Michael’s Hospital at the age of 68 on Saturday, May 14, 2016. People started giving tributes on social media. They are saying we were greatly missed and always miss you. But on the other side, many were saying these are just rumors that random people were spreading. This confuses many people and creates so many mysteries among the people. In this article, we gonna stay away from all your confusion. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amanda Ioannidis

Who was Amanda Ioannidis?

Before we proceed, we gonna tell you something Ioannidis was a hard worker, a growing person, and have so much strength to tackle any type of situation. His exceptional skills have sometimes surprised many people. Because she does some great work which no one will able to do it. And by the way, she is ready to work in any type of scenario.

It was officially confirmed that she has died. But this is not proof what’s the cause of his death. Her funeral takes place at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Cosmas Aytoros. The date of the funeral was on May 18, 2016. On that date, many crowds were gathered. And many people were mourning his heath.

Amanda Ioannidis Death Cause

People are sending their heartfelt condolences from all over the internet. Some were giving RIP comments while some were sending their prayers and best wishes to her. At this time, much support was given to her family. Some say It was very sad and heartbreaking news to hear of her sudden demise. My best wishes and prayers are always with her.

Her sudden demise has given a shock to everyone, especially in her family. Her parents are crying all the time and they can’t swallow this truth. She grew up and was raised with her family. Her memories which she spent with her family were fruitful. Those beautiful moments were can’t forget and can’t be deleted from her memory.

How did Amanda Ioannidis die?

Talking about his school and college life, it was spent very well. Her friends say she was quiet and peaceful in her mind. Whenever she faces some troubles and problems in her life. She handled it very well. Every tough moment came in her life. She always tried to cope it nicely. May her soul rest in peace.


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