Who was Andrey Paliy and what was his cause of death? Russian General killed in Ukraine

Who was Andrey Paliy and what was his cause of death? Russian General killed in Ukraine: It has been more than 3 weeks since the Russian and Ukraine wars. Thousand of people have been died because of the war. Numerous families have been destroyed the cause of the war, and there is no way looking right now that ends the war. Not only volunteers are dying in the war but everyone who is present in Ukraine now has to face the consequences of battle. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Andrey Paliy

Who was Andrey Paliy?

Reportedly, Andrey Pally, who was the top military officer of the Russian army has been killed on the frontlines. This news has been confirmed by the Russian social media posts. Officer Andrey was 51 years old, and was born in Kyiv but renounce Ukraine. He was shot dead by Ukrainian forces near Mariupol. And this action took Ukrainian, has converted the officer the First Russian naval boss and sixth high up the military leader to die since the war began.

Konstantin Tsarenko used to work with Paliy at the Russian Naval school in Sevastopol, announced pally’s death on the Russian social media site V Kontakte. After some time he deleted the post about the officer’s death. These are only predictions, those spread by the social media sides because there is no official information that has been declared by the Russian authorities right now. So there is no confirmation now, whether it was true news or just was a rumor for creating a native impression of Russia towards the world.

Andrey Paliy Death Cause

It has been a long time since the Russian and Ukrainian wars. No possibilities have been seen for ending wor. Ukraine has lost its huge infrastructure from the day of war beginning to till now. Thousand of army soldiers have died of Ukrainian army force. But Ukraine has not given up till now. It is been fighting with its citizens. Ukraine is trying every single plan to save Ukraine from Russia.

How did Andrey Paliy die?

Not only Ukraine is getting impact cause of the war but Russia has to face the circumstances of the war. Russia has not released any official information that how many Russian army soldiers have been died till now. Russia also facing a financial problem now. Russia’s economy has been done now. Many countries of the world have been stick restrictions for Russian imports and export. Almost the whole of Russia has been restricted by the whole of Europe. Only some of the European countries do not stick restrictions on it. This is a tough time for both the president from Russia and Ukraine.


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