Who was Anthony Williams and what was his cause of death? Inderkum High School student killed in Rocklin crash

Who was Anthony Williams and what was his cause of death? Inderkum High School student killed in Rocklin crash: Amanda Lyons recently got hit by a bullet and fell to the ground. She was badly hit. The bullet was gone into her legs. And she barely walks on her own. It was unidentified whose the victim was and why did he shoot her. At that time, she just finished the kicking game in North Philadelphia when the whole incident happened. In this article, we gonna discuss what exactly happened to her and who shot her. Let’s get started. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Anthony Williams

Who was Anthony Williams?

Amanda was 36 years old when she got hit by a bullet. The blood was coming out from her legs. She was feeling unconscious, not able to stand and her breathing started slowly decreasing. She can’t even feel and hear. At that time, her teammates helped her. They were in the medical field and treated her. Her teammates take her to the hospital and started giving her some basic treatments.

Anthony Williams Cause of Death

Also, she got hit in the back and can’t stand on her own. Due to this, she was paralyzed by a severed spinal cord and left in a wheelchair indefinitely, forcing her to adjust to a life that seemed very different from what she had planned. As of now, the occupational therapist, Lyons is now the kind of patient once she was treated, a shooting victim who had to learn new techniques to perform basic tasks.

How did Anthony Williams die?

Talking about her nature, Lyons was a kind, humble, and caring personality. Many knew her if anything mishappening happens, then she will able to recover it. She was the kind of personality who can able to handle any kind of situation whether it was a difficult or an easy one. Recently, a situation came into her life where she very quite handle it.

Anthony Williams Accident Video Explained

Talking about her age, she was around 36 years old. She grew up with her family and friends. Her childhood spent also very good. She shared some experiences with the public. You can find it on social media. You just type her name on social media and you find her account. In her post, she got forty to fifty thousand likes. She has enough amount of followers and has enough amount of followings. She can sell whatever she want to produce by her account. We wish that she can recover from her disability and her sufferings. Whatever the treatment she was getting, hopefully, get it.


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