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Who Was Aoife Beary Berkeley Balcony Collapse Survivor Dies At 27


A saddening piece of news is coming forward where a woman named Aoife Beary has died. The woman was known as the survivor of the tragic balcony collapse that occurred in Berkeley in California. The incident has snatched six people’s lives while Aoife luckily survived the collapse. Now, it is reported that the woman has passed away at the age of 27. Social media is flooded with concerning tweets and posts as netizens are shocked to learn about the news. Tributes are being paid to the young woman while her cause of death is also being searched online. Here’s what we know.

Aoife Beary

As per the reports, Aoife Beary had gone to California with her friends in 2015. She was reportedly enjoying at a party and were standing on the balcony. Meanwhile, the balcony underneath them collapsed and killed almost six people. All the victims were Irish students and had come to the place to celebrate Aoife’s 21st birthday. Even though Aoife luckily survived the horrific incident, she got serious injuries that changed her life completely. The injuries include broken bones, a brain injury and extreme cuts to her organs.

Who Was Aoife Beary?

After the accident, Aoife went through rehabilitation in Dublin and California for several months. When the incident took place, the woman was reportedly studying pharmacology and the incident put a full stop to her dreams and wishes. She had to completely change her goals. Talking about Aoife Beary cause of death, reports suggest that she died due to a sudden stroke. Her demise took place on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, and has left all of her family members and friends in pain and sorrow. She was admitted to Beaumont hospital. However, some sites also claim that she died on New Year’s Eve.

The six Irish students who unfortunately lost their lives in the tragic collapse include Lorcán Miller, Niccolai Schuster, Eimear Walsh, Eoghan Culligan, and her cousins named Ashley Donohoe and Olivia Burke. Apart from them, a total of seven people had gotten seriously injured including Aoife Beary. After recovering slightly from the incident, Aoife took part in a campaign that required the companies to release safety records to the public so that the incident doesn’t get repeated. She had expressed her sadness on losing her friends and cousins and had stated that she could have travelled the world with them. Aoife Beary has left her parents, Angela and Mike, along with her brothers and sisters.

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