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Who Was ARoy? O Block Member Shot Dead While Facebook Live Video


Recently, a quite frightning incident is reported from Chicago that made everyone shocked because an O-Block member or famous rapper Aroy has been killed on 14th December 2021. As soon as the news is catching the heat, the massive reactions are coming to the fore, because everything was live when his departure took time. Hence, his admirers are seeking justice for him, and urged the concerned department for taking appropriate action against the culprit who became the reason of somebody’s shocking demise. Below you can get the comprehensive details behind the case, that what happened at the time of the incident with Rapper.

ARoy O Block Member Shot Dead

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Rapper Aroy Oblock is reported to be killed on 14th December 2021 in Chicago, an anonymous man shot him during the mayhem or ugly spat. Those people who became witnesses of fatal crime have shared a video on social media, which is getting hype up to the extent and being circulated like wildfire. As soon as the users are getting familiarized with the video, their goosebumps are appealed as the sound of a gunshot was too scary, which created an atmosphere of chaos among the people.

Who Was ARoy?

It is being reported, that in the video the circumstances are appearing as clear as a mirror, that both rapper and defaulter git into a heated argument, because of which, that anonymous man brought a gun and fire on him, in the parking area of Illinois in Chicago. Firstly, both got into a physical fight where they punch each other but later when circumstances took the worst face culprit executed the heinous crime. As soon as the time is passing the video of the incident is being watched by the users who are sharing their reaction to the incident, while requesting the police to take the culprit into custody.

If the sources are to be believed, so the rapper was only 20-years-old and catching the heat in his career, as he also made his fans familiar with such activities through social media. But unfortunately, he is no more among us, which is a matter of great sorrow, hence, it would not be inappropriate to consider him as a rising star of the future. But the incident has left his family in great shock because losing their close one is more heartwrenching than anything else. We will also pray may his soul rest in peace (RIP)

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