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Who Was Ashli Babbitt? Shot Dead Last Year Capitol Riot Wiki Biography| Death Anniversary


Ashli Babbitt has come to the headlines again as her death has completed one year. You must be wondering who is Ashli Babbitt and what had happened to her. Well, let us tell you that the woman was shot on January 6, 2021, as she was a rioter and was trying to breach a door secured with barricades that led to the speaker’s lobby where the representatives of the US House were getting evacuated. The incident happened during the 2021 United States Capitol attack. Let’s find out more about the girl in this article along with her mother, age, and other personal details.

Ashli Babbitt

As per the reports, Ashli Babbitt was a Donald Trump supporter and was supporting his movement to overturn his election. Last year, on January 6, a huge number of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol located in Washington, D.C. The rioters gathered to show their rage on the defeat of the president in the 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden had attained the victory by defeating Donald Trump in the elections which did not go well by the latter’s supporters. The attack was horrific as the rioters vandalized the property, assaulted the officers while they also occupied the property for hours.

Who Was Ashli Babbitt?

Reportedly, a total of five people died in the attack which included Ashli Babbitt who was shot by officer Micheal Byrd. Talking about Ashli Babbitt, apart from being a supporter of Donald Trump, she also followed L. Lin Wood, the conspiracy theorist. Before she reached the location to protest, the girl took to Twitter and had shared a tweet from her account @CommonAshSense. She had called out John Roberts, United States Supreme Court Chief Justice, and had asked him to resign while she has accused Mike Pence, the Vice President, of treason.

Earlier on January 5 that year, Babbitt had shared a tweet where she had written that nothing can stop them and that they can try but they will not be able to stop the storm here. Ashli Babbitt mother remembered her on her death anniversary on January 6. She called her daughter a national servant and a proud patriot and expressed her sadness upon losing her. Ashli’s mother claimed that her daughter was executed on a public platform. Talking about Ashli, she belonged to California and was 35-year-old when she died. In 2004, Ashli was enlisted in the US Air Force. She had also served in the Air National Guard in 2010. She was married to Aaron Babbitt, her second husband.

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