Who was Christopher Nance and what was his cause of death?

Who was Christopher Nance and what was his cause of death?: On Tuesday, September 4, 2012, Christopher Paul Nance was passed away after living 44 years of his life. Since people have to know about this news they are continuously scrounging web pages for the related info and eagerly waiting for the cause of his death. By reading down this article you will get to know about his family background and the below-placed sections of this writing will tell you if any cause of death has been given or not by his family so be sticky with this page for a while and read down the article till the end to get all the information that we have extracted from various reports gathered by our sources. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Christopher Nance

Who was Christopher Nance?

As mentioned, he died at the age of 44 years means he was a middle-aged man who had a long way to go in his life but he could not manage to live more than 44 years of age. He was welcomed by his parents late Paul Nance and Cynthia C. Christopher Paul Nance’s birthplace is Myrtle Beach, SC and he was a dweller of Murrells Inlet where he was living for years with ties to the Shellfish Industry. Kindly read down the next section of this article to learn more about the same headline.

Christopher Nance Death Cause

Christopher Paul Nance was a member of the Masonic Lodge and an operator of Cedar Hill Landing. He has also two sisters from his Murrells inlet mother their names are Tina Hair and Paula Nance from Murrels Inlet, SC. Justin, Jacob Wilson, and Cody are the 3 nephews all are from Murrels Inlet, SC. Christen Hair MacKorell is a niece from South Carolina. There are many more from Murrells Inlet South Carolina. Kindly read down the following section of this article to learn about his memorial service.

How did Christopher Nance die?

On 8th September 2012, Saturday a memorial service was held at 3:00 PM in Georgetown at the Church of Jesus Christ Lighthouse in South Carolina. After the memorial service household received friends, flowers, and charity donations. For memorial services, Goldfinch Funeral Home was in charge of preparations. The cause of his death has not been given in any obituaries nor his family members have come fore to reveal the reason for his untimely demise. We will add this section as soon as we get to know something affirmed linked with this headline keep visiting our web page for more information and other trending news.


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