Who Was Eric Rohan Justin? Ava Majury Shooting What Happened With Her?

The popular TikTok teen star Ava Majury is sweeping attention after a stalker arrived at her doorstep. Yes, it is reported that an 18-year-old boy named Eric Rohan Justin appeared at her residence and shocked her family members. Ever since the news has surfaced on the internet, both the TikTok star and the stalker have become the subject of interest among many people. The suo is being talked about as the incident is quite horrifying. Let us check what was the whole matter and what happened to Eric Rohan Justin.

Eric Rohan Justin

Eric Rohan Justin is a teenager based in Ellicott City in Maryland. Back in 2020, the boy was noticed by the 14-year-old Majury as he was bit too constant on her TikTok comments. Justin’s user name was “EricJustin111” and with this ID, he used to comment on her every post. However, Majury had not even imagined that something like this would happen. You must be wondering what happened.

Well, let us tell you that on July 10, 2020, Eric Rohan stood in front of the Tiktoker’s house. Reportedly, Justin blew open the teenager’s front door but his weapon then jammed. Ava Majury’s father Rob Majury who is a retired police lieutenant chased the stalker off but stumbled. Ava’s father told that he went back to the house to grab his handgun and stood at the front door while waiting for Justin to come back.

After a while, Justin urned with a gun. Rob asked him to drop the gun but Justin aimed it at him instead. Taking the matter seriously, Rob shot the internet stalker. It has been reported that Ava’s father Rob Majury shot Eric Rohan Justin to death. Reports tell that Justin had logged onto a Ava’s classmate school account and offered doing her homework in exchange of information about the teenager star. It is also reported that Eric messaged her via Snapchat and also DM’ed her on Instagram while he also used to appear in online games she played with her brothers.

Ava Majury’s family had even allowed the star to see the photos of her face to him for “about $300 for two photos.” The family had moved from New Jersey to Florida in 2019. Ava’s family has confirmed that Rob killed the stalker by shooting him. Talking about Ava Majury, she is quite popular on social media, mainly on TikTok where she has more than 1 million followers. She is gaining thousands of dollars sponsorships deals on various platforms.

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