Who Was Ghassan Amoun? Being Shot In ‘targeted attack’ (Video) in South Wentworthville

A fatal gang war took place in Sydney accumulating worldwide attention. The brutal shootout has claimed the life of one of the brothers Ghassan Amoun of the notorious gang led by Bassam Hamzy. The emergency service reached the crime spot and released that it was a targeted attack. The police department also informed that Mr Amoun was warned earlier by the authority regarding the threat but he continued with his lifestyle and roamed without any kind of special security. As result, the extreme happy go lucky lifestyle of Amoun claimed his life.

Ghassan Amoun cause of death

The Police also said that he was quite calm at the time he was getting informed of the threat. If we talk about the entire incident, the reports are issuing that Ghassan was shot multiple times by an anonymous gunman supposed to have connections with Alameddine families. As both the Hamzy and Alameddine families have been involved in a prolonged gang war. According to statements released by Superintendent Fitzgerald that a driver and shooter was involved in the killing of Amoun after when he approached the car. Along with his corpse, a burnt car also found near the spot assumed that it has some connection with the attack.

Who Was Ghassan Amoun?

The entire incident took place at South Wentworthville at around 1 PM on 6 January 2022. Police further stated that the emergency service arrived at the spot and were called to Rawson Road at the intersection with the Great Western Highway. At the same time, Paramedics also arrived and declared the man dead after analyzing him. The corpse of the 35 years old man was lying on the street under a canopy set by the Police and seized the entire area. The superintendent Glenn Fitzgerald stated that he was “quite obviously targeted”with certain connection to the criminal links.

He further says that it was quite a fatal attack in the broad daylight in Sydney. He further says that such kind of incident often taking place nowadays, but all of this are going to end soon added by Superintendent Fitzgerald. As we mentioned above the Ghassan Amoun was warned earlier that his life was under threat but he was calm and relax. Hamzy and Alameddine families two rivalry gang involving in a gang war for long and apart from Amoun it claimed the life of Mejid Hamzy at Condell Park in 2020 and Bilal Hamzy at Japanese restaurant in Sydney’s CBD 2020. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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