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Who Was J Stash Girlfriend Jeanette Gallegos? Shot To Death Killed By Rapper Age Instagram


It is very strange to announce with a heavy heart that the Famous rapper J $tash has died by committing suicide and the incident will make you feel uneasy to know that he firstly shot his girlfriend Jeanette Gallegos multiple times till she died. In the world, daily so many incidents occur and no doubt every single one shakes the people. Now when the scene has happened netizens are searching about the lady’s name who is speculated to be his better half.

Who Was J Stash Girlfriend Jeanette Gallegos? Shot To Death Killed By Rapper Age Instagram
Well, you all must be searching for Jeaann27 such as what is her real name and how did she die, her profession, and so on. So, as you all know that the famous rapper Justin Joseph prominently known as J Stash whose songs used to force everyone to vibe on, has died after committing suicide and the shocking incident occurred after he allegedly killed his girlfriend and that too in front of her three children. Now the after the death of the famous rapper it is being searched that who was Jeanette Gallegos or Jeaann27. So, here is what we got through all the online sources.

Who Was Jeanette Gallegos AKA Jeaann27?

As per the sources Jeanette Gallegos was a 27 years old Hispanic woman who was recently found dead at her own home in a temple city located in California along with the famous rapper J Stash. Jeanette Gallegos was the girlfriend of a famous rapper having 3 children as well, reportedly. She was killed in front of her kids so you can just assume the pain that those kids must be going through. However, her profession is yet to be revealed because there is no update about her work and all but saying this just can’t be bad that she was quite famous among people of the country and as we are trying harder to fetch all the details about her so so, the far only thing that is being in the headlines is Jeanette Gallegos was the girlfriend of J Stash.

As per the reports, A noise of a gunshot was heard by the locals around 7:15 a.m. on Saturday in the 9200 block of Pentland Street. Post which police was called at the spot and bodies were discovered of deceased. The female victim (Jeaann27) had numerous gunshot wounds, while the male victim or suspect as well was shot in the head by himself. Well, the reason behind this incident and rapper’s mind state has gone with him so there is nothing to be waited but some more clues can be announced so stay tuned with us.

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