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Who Was Jasmine Kenny Cause of Death Exeter University Student Dies At 28?


On social media, we daily read death news where we find some death natural and some are post disease and sometimes obituaries shakes our mind and last long in our minds. Today, we are talking about Jasmine Kenny the lady who was also a mother and died after observing the lack of oxygen in her brain. Yes, we are talking about the lady who has taken over the internet and circulating on social media, stick around to get complete updates and info about her.

Jasmine Kenny Exeter University Student

Jasmine Kenny is has been to the headlines after she died post lack of oxygen in her brain. Well, you must be keen to know about her and her personal life. So, she was a model and also a professional lead singer and she was just 28 years old. Jasmine was one of the former and famous students of Exeter University. You will be shocked to know that Jasmine was killed at her own home at Forest Park, Killygordan, on 4 January 2021. Now you must be thinking that how can she be in the trend now when the news is about to complete its one complete year. So, here is the main reason that she is grabbing the headlines now.

Who Was Jasmine Kenny?

It has been seen that when the news popped up it was very shocked to belive for her fans that their favorite model has left the world because no matter if the news has become older but the matter is people are searching about her even when a year is about to get completed now. On the time of her death it became the most talked topic of the month because her death was not a natural one and she was murdered by someone and the most shocking news is that she was killed by her own husband and it makes it more controversial.

When an investigation started the cops probed everyone whom they doubt but when they took her husband into custody they found him guilty for that. Richard Burke is the name who killed thousands of people’s smile’s reason as he killed their favorite personality. Reportedly, her husband killed her at her Co Donegal House. Jasmine Kenny was tied the knot with Richard and the couple had two babies as well.

Other reports have said that Jasmine called the police a couple of minutes before her murder in the outskirts of Killygordon, Ireland. Well, you must be angry and sad after the news but the main thing that can cause more uneasiness is here because the investigation of her murder is still going on and has opened at Letterkenny Corner’s Court on Wednesday.

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