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Who Was Jerry Dwight Brown Shooting Video Twitter & Reddit Deputies In Pasco


A video of the shooting has been circulating on social media and it is trending on Twitter too and as you all know that once stuff drops to Twitter then either it gets viral or criticized but this time a video where a black man who shot is grabbing the headlines and becoming centre of focus. Yes, we are talking about Jerry Dwight Brown who was shot back in 2014 by the cops and at that time it became a very controversial deal. As you all know that in the US black live matter is becoming one of the big and heated topics to debate on and the old case has got some new details that led the video in trend again.

Jerry Dwight Brown

As you all know that Jerry Dwight Brown is the name who was shot by the deputies in Pasco, Washington. As per the reports Brown was unarmed at the time of the shooting and it is to be claimed by the officials that when he ignored the orders to hands up and surrender cops had to shoot him as they were forced to do this. However, it has been a while when the incident happened but today the clip of him is breaking the internet, and it came to ears that the case has taken a turn post which details are claiming that deputies might have forced themselves on him before all the action.

However, it also came up that the deputies might change their story and said that Brown and all were in a drug bust, and as a result, they shot him because they did not have any other option. As the video was dropped to Twitter people on Reddit too are posting their thoughts on this and criticizing the system saying that Brown was black therefore they shot him. Well, you must be keen to know in a brief about the man whose video is trending on Twitter nowadays so here is the info.

Jerry Dwight Brown Wiki

Well, Jerry Brown was a 41 years old black American who was shot to death by 2 Pasco Sheriffs in the year 2014. The man has left behind his wife. Post his murder his wife made a settlement with the Sheriff’s office that was approximately worth around $220,000. However, at the time of the incident, the Sheriff did not release the complete footage of the scene but now it has been circulating over the internet. Let’s see how soon will the reality come out and justice will be served

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