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Who Was Joan Didion And How Did She Die? Biography Family


Once again, the most heartbreaking news is coming in front of the people from the United States which made everyone shocked enough, because no one had thought that one day their face would be hit by such a piece of saddened news. As the quite prestigious American Writer Joan Didion is no more among her admirers as her departure occurred at the age of 87 on 23rd December 2021. As soon as the news is being circulated on social media immense reactions to her followers are coming out, as they are paying tribute to her while sharing their condolences.

US Author Joan Didion Dies At 87? Who Was Joan Didion And How Did She Die? Biography Family

According to the latest reports, Joan Didion got the prominence along with a series of incisive, even many achievements have been registered on her name as well. She took her last breath at her residence which is located in America’s Manhattan, and when her family tried to take her to the nearest hospital, spontaneously she passed away which was shocking and painful enough. She was suffering from the deadly complications of Parkinson’s disease, due to which, her health had deteriorated enough which created obstacles in her treatment as well. Her close ones are going through great shock, as they are hit by the news in such a manner.

Who Was Joan Didion?

87-years-old, Joan Didion was a popular American writer, memoirist, & essayist who has launched her job in the 1960s after getting the victory in an essay contest when she found out her capability in writing, hence, she decided to chase her passion to convert it into her profession. She was born on 5th December 2021 in Sacramento, California, United States, and unfortunately, her demise took place in New York City at the age of 87 on 23rd December 2021. She worked during the period of 1963-2017, she had completed her studies at the University of California Berkeley (BA)

Everyone is sharing their deepest feelings towards the deceased so that, her soul gets to rest in peace, because in just a small time duration journalism world got another shock that made everyone shocked and shattered enough. Recently, a massive flood has been reported on Twitter as everyone is paying tribute to her wholeheartedly, while, giving their deep condolence to the family, because everyone knows that at what grief they are going through now, but still, no confirmation about her funeral comes to the fore as her close ones did not share any statement yet.

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